Spring Cleanup

A proper spring cleanup is crucial to starting off the growing season right. Our spring cleanup services include removal of all leaves, downed tree limbs and landscape debris from your property, edging of all mulch and planting beds, dethatching and fertilization of all lawn areas, and the trimming of all shrubs and bushes.

Bark Mulch

A spring time bark mulch application helps in moderating soil temperature, retaining soil moisture and blocking the germination of weeds.  We offer a wide variety of mulch color options to fit your desired look.  We also offer stone mulch options for a more permanent mulch solution.

Lawn Care

Proper lawn care ensures your lawn has the nutrients required for optimal health while protecting it from pests, disease and weeds.  Timely fertilizer, weed and pest control applications prevent future costly lawn repairs and keep your lawn green and healthy.

Lawn Mowing

Maintaining the correct grass height is an important aspect of a healthy lawn.  We offer weekly and bi-weekly mowing options.

Weed Control

Weeds compete with lawns and shrubs for nutrients, water, space and sunlight.  Consistent weed removal and control prevents the spread of invasive weed species.

Pruning and Trimming

Maintaining the correct shape and height of the shrubs and trees in a landscape is essential to its overall health and appearance.  Trimming is recommended once in the spring and again in late summer.

Fall Clean Up

Clearing the landscape of leaves and sticks will prevent the heavy, wet foliage from suffocating the lawn and small shrubs over the winter.  Leaves and debris left on the lawn area over the winter create a optimal conditions for disease.

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